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Charcoal is one of the more useful, yet simple things to have. This article will be used later and built off of when I explain how to make a forge, paint, and pencils. You’re going to need a few things to make charcoal, here’s a short list

  • Wood
  • A container with a lit that is fire proof. metal or ceramic work best
  • fire making supplies, explained here

The process is simple, take your container and fill it with wood. Make sure that there is a hole on top to let gases escape. Build a fire and then put the container on the fire. as the air inside heats it will boil off all the impurities without actually lighting the wood on fire because there isn’t enough oxygen. The first bit of gas that comes out will likely be steam, after that you get what’s known as “wood gas” which is methanol alcohol among other things. This gas is flammable, I would suggest lighting it so it’s not just floating around. You can also use it to power generators and other things.  When gas stops coming out the charcoal is done. Wait until it is completely cool to open the lid or not only will you burn yourself with hot air, but the hot charcoal will get oxygen and begin to burn.


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