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How to make a water filter from scrap.

If you find yourself stranded with no clean water or in Mexico, you need to know this.

Making a water filter is pretty simple, and can be made with things you find laying around. Here’s what you need

  • A container
  • Cotton
  • Fine and coarse sand
  • Charcoal (see, it’s good for stuff)
  • Pebbles

For this type of filter, you will pour water into the top of the container, and what comes out the bottom will be clean. Find your container and if there aren’t holes in the top and bottom, make them. Fill the bottom hole with cotton, then layer fine sand, charcoal, coarse sand, and pebbles. Finally cover it with more cotton, an old T-shirt works great for this.

Pour water through the top a few times, this will clean the charcoal a bit, once the water that comes out the end is clear it’s clean. This may not kill all of the microbes though, so if you can boil it as well before drinking.


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  1. 3:29 pm, April 8, 2011Tom  / Reply

    “This may not kill all of the microbes though”

    This filter will not kill ANY microbes. This is a homemade Brita filter. This will not make water safe to drink. It will not make water safer to drink. This filter will only effect the taste of water.

    • 4:11 pm, April 8, 2011spleenbegone  / Reply

      Actually, it will remove many of the larger amoeba and parasites, along with many chemical contaminants. But yes, there are many bacteria that it will not remove, that’s why I said to boil it after it’s filtered.

      • 4:06 am, August 25, 2011Tess  / Reply

        A rolilng stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this article.

    • 1:42 am, August 25, 2011Beatrice  / Reply

      Glad I’ve fnilaly found something I agree with!

  2. 12:59 am, August 25, 2011Margery  / Reply

    Ah, i see. Well that’s not too ticrky at all!”

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