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How to make your own paint

Humans have been making paint for thousands of years, we’ve refined the technique over the years, but there are still many ways to do it. Here’s the starch method. 

You’re going to need a few things:

  • Pigment If you haven’t already, read the article on how to make them, this will be your color
  • Liquid starch. You can get this from the laundry section, by boiling cornstarch with water, or by reducing the water you boil potatoes in. For the sake of effort go with store bought stuff the first time.
  • Water
  • A way to heat the water.

The process is pretty simple. We’re going to start off with a 50/50 mix of starch and water. Take half a cup of starch and slowly mix half a cup of warm water into it, mixing until you get a thick, paint like consistency. At this point you want to add a tiny bit of salt, continue mixing until it’s fully dissolved.

Now you can split of the binder into smaller sections for different colors, or just have one color. Slowly mix in your pigment, make sure it’s blended in evenly and smoothly. Start with small amounts, adding more to get the color you desire. One the pigment is mixed you’re done! Start painting or store in a sealed container.


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    I think you hit a bulsleye there fellas!

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