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How to grow a Tomato plant.

Growing tomatoes from seeds is pretty simple, and is a good start for new gardeners. 

Recently I’ve been putting a lot of work into a new, fairly high tech, garden. Most of the steps will end up here eventually, but lets start with planting something. Gardens can save you money, relieve stress, or give you a food source during the zombie apocalypse. You just need a few things:

  • Healthy seeds. I got mine from Lowes, a packet was around $1.50. You can get yours from the store, or from fresh produce.
  • Pots/growing land
  • Dirt (this is option, there will be a later guide on that)
  • Water

I like to start my seeds off in small pots, or multiple plants in a tray. For this guide I will use a small pot. Fill it almost to the top with a nice planting mix, or a fresh mulch. It should be something nice and soft for the seedling to be able to get started.

recycled pot from some flowers my mom bought. It's always good to reuse these.

Now, using either your finger, a pencil, a stick, or any other thing you can poke with, make a small hole. 1/2 to 1/4 inch deep is great for tomatoes. Place your seed in the hole and cover it. Make sure not to pack the dirt down. It’s good for some plants, but not tomatoes.

Once you cover the seed, water it well, make sure all the mulch/dirt is wet and place it in the sun.

Tomato plants enjoy full sun. Make sure you put it in a place that gets as much as possible. I find that for starting them, a sunny window sill works best. This way they stay at a nice temperature while they’re most vulnerable, the weather and pets won’t hurt them, and you pay more attention to them. After they get their second set of leaves you can transplant them to a larger pot outside, or in your garden. I’ll make a guide on that as soon as this one is ready.


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